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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008




Non stop

07.30 - 20.00
Clara Matelli
A dynamic book Installation

Organisers: Biblioteca San Carlo

In collaboration with : AIB, Associazione MOXA and Paolo Cesaretti
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The installation was designed specifically for festivalfilosofia and brings together books on building materials, alluding to the fundamental role performed by books in constructing our imagination and the way we think. The installation occupies the central span of the entrance to the Palazzo dei Musei, Modena's Museum complex, with six large sections made of cement blocks and filled with thousands of books. Books that for centuries belonged to the San Carlo Library, whose mark they bear, and which are now made available to the public as recycled material and part of a treasure trove. Each visitor is invited to choose two or three books and, in exchange for the gift, make a donation as they see fit which will go towards a project supporting libraries in disadvantaged parts of the world like Ethiopia and Brazil. The scheme is operated under the aegis of AIB and MOXA.  The public thus becomes part of the installation which unfolds as it is being de-installed: in the end there will no change and spare material. The building materials will return to the building sites. The thought contained in the books will generate further thought. The funds generated will generate other books. 

A written record (on paper) with the name of the donators and any messages they may like to leave will be deposited in the archive of the Fondazione San Carlo.

Vernissage: Friday 19 at 12.00

Clara Matelli
Studied humanities before becoming an architect. Since 1997 she has focused on art. Her interest in books inspired cycles of pictures linked to poems and done as one-off pieces for the  Pulcinoelefante press. She works with "Last Minute Book" (Bologna) on displays that promote books and reading. Her skills as a painter are seen in the cycle Risonanze (Resonances), where shiny paper, an apparently refractory material, proves itself unexpectedly evocative where the works of art are understood as units of expression. She has had major one-person shows at: the Palazzo of the Milan State Senate-Archive (2004), the Civic Museum - Villa Colloredo Mels di Recanati (2005), The Rumanian Institute of Culture, Venice (2006), the Swiss Institute of Culture, Rome (2006).

Paolo Cesaretti
Teaches Byzantine Civilization and Roman History at the University of Bergamo. Scientific Director of the "Terra dei Libri" Book Fair, Siena, he is an expert on international publishing.

Biblioteca San Carlo
The San Carlo Library, which was reopened to the public in 1976 after restoration work carried out on the palace that houses the Fondazione Collegio San Carlo, brings together 38.000 volumes and 1360 periodicals on philosophy, anthropology, social and religious sciences. In order to maintain its heritage more efficiently, the Library periodically selects old books and reviews, including donated publications which are not within the Library's ambit, or duplicate copies. Books and reviews are offered free to other Italian libraries. Remaining works, which would otherwise be pulped, are thus "recycled" and reclaimed for reading and study thanks to Bibliodinamica.

AIB - Associazione Italiana Biblioteche 
Founded in 1930, AIB is the professional association of Italian librarians. It promotes the development of libraries and provides its members with support materials for professional updating. To coincide with Bibliodinamica, AIB volunteers are collecting funds to support the library of Nuova Iguaçu di Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), which was set up by the non-profit organisation MAIS - a movement for international self-help and solidarity.

MOXA - Associazione Modena per gli Altri 
The association works to promote solidarity and the improvement in the living conditions of people and peoples in Third and Fourth World countries. To coincide with Bibliodinamica MOXA volunteers are collecting funds to support the "Lorenzina Lotti" Library, which was set up in a tucul in Shallalà (Ethiopia).

Installation set up by: Montanari Luigi srl and Sined spa