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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008





14.30 - 18.00

Acrobatic displays and kite making

For kids from 12 years old

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Trains of acrobatic kites flying in formation, or single-line kites with a wingspan of two to five metres: they will all be taking off during the display, filling the sky with colour. Some kites respond better to a light breeze, others prefer a steady, prevailing wind, such as the giant kites that can reach 40 metres in length and can rise to an altitude of 60 metres. Two trains of acrobatic kites with long coloured tails will dance complex choreographed ballets to the sound of rhythmic music.  Wind permitting, of course. 
On the ground there will be attractions for the children to play with: a huge fish inflated by the wind which they can climb into, or two immense wheels which bounce and turn at high speed, driven by the wind.  
On the great lawn in front of Parco Ducale there will be a kite workshop where everybody, children and adults alike, can make their own kites and fly them. (They can also take them home afterwards!)

Associazione Aquilonisti
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