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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008






Flying acrobatic performances

Dance performance

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The performance consists of eight aerial tableaux in which acrobatics, contortion and choreography transport the audience in a gripping journey to the frontiers of reality. For forty minutes eight acrobats hover overhead, suspended in mid-air between lengths of cloth, hoops, trapeze and elastic, creating spectacular geometric figures that defy the laws of gravity. Only by daring can we push back the limits that confine us in search of that flame of emotion that flickers within all of us.

The Sonics were founded in 2001 from an idea of Ileana Prudente and Alessandro Pietrolini. They were later joined by Fanzia Verlicchi, Federica Liuzzo, Federica Brero, Gaia Della Savia, Igor Sperindè, Irene Chiarle, Lucio Rizzi, Valentina Bertaina, Antonio Villella, Stefania Corea, Monica Robucci and Mario Volta.