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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008





15.00 - 18.00

Alberto Cappi

Material for an everyday bestiary

Moderator: Carlo Alberto Sitta

Organisers: Laboratorio di Poesia
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«Alberto Cappi's poetry represents an experience of writing that excavates the unpredictable variations of the imagination. The writing is, in turn, an act in which silence, and the endless possibilities of language, explore the darker, shadier side of life. In all of his verse, and in a large part of his prose, we witness - are involved in - a singular surfacing of words, while venturing into the depths of meaning.
Few contemporary poets have voyaged into the crisis-ridden variability of writing quite so much as Alberto Cappi. The icons and phantasms that haunt his opus continuum are conjured up and manifested with extreme freedom and rarefied concentration, in which the grammar of the imagination becomes detached from its twentieth century heritage and dilates into open conflict, both metaphysical and physical, with present-day, quotidian reality. It is here that the decisive transfiguration takes place: rubbing shoulders with the contemporary has not resulted in a minimalist flattening, but has allowed him to go beyond flatness, restoring to poetry the independence and vision needed to construct the world.»

(Carlo Alberto Sitta).

Alberto Cappi was born in Revere (Mantova) in 1940. He is a poet, essayist and critic. He has edited numerous anthologies of contemporary poetry. He is a regular contributor to poetry reviews, both in Italy and abroad, including: "Anterem", Il Verri", "Poesia", "Testo a fronte". As poet he has published Alfabeto (Mantova, 1980); Mapa (Mantova 1980); Per versioni (Milan, 1984); Casa delle forme (Udine 1992); Piccoli dei (Faenza, 1994); Il sereno untore (Latina, 1997); Visitations  (Ascoli, 2002); La casa del custode (Bologna, 2004); Il modello del mondo (Milano 2008).

His works of criticism on contemporary poetry have included: Materiali per un frammento (Udine, 1989); Linguistica e semiologia (Turin, 1994); Materiali per un'arca (Bologna, 1998); Il passo di Euridice (Verona, 1998); Arnia (Mantova 2005). He has translated poetry by Juan Liscano, Alain Jouffroy, Ernesto Cardenal and Carlos Franqui. His work has been widely translated abroad in foreign-language editions.

Carlo Alberto Sitta was born in Medolla (Mo) in 1940. He began the practice of poetry in the sixties working with Gruppo '63. He has published In/finito (Turin 1968); Magnetodrome (Paris 1971); Animazione (Parma 1974); La sesta terra (Milan 1985); Il principe errante (Modena 1989); L'anima virtuale (Bologna 2000); Museo degli astri (Modena 2006). He has contributed poetry and criticism to a number of poetry reviews, including: «Il Verri», «Nuova Corrente», «Il caffè», «Uomini e idee», «Change», «Tam Tam». He has translated from French into Italian works by Pierre Albert-Birot, Jean Tardieu, Jaques Henric, Patrick Boumard, Sylvain Auroux. He has edited numerous anthologies of contemporary poetry and written, directed and appeared in poetry productions for the theatre. In 1979 he founded Modena Laboratorio di Poesia (Poetry Workshop); in 1981 he founded the poetry review  «Steve», which he continues to direct; in 2001 he set up the on-line poetry newsletter «Plurabelle».

The Laboratorio di Poesia is a cultural association that operates as a non-profit organisation to promote an awareness of contemporary poetry, its production and conservation. Founded in 1979 by Carlo Alberto Sitta, it works in various sectors: training, editing, theatre, conservation, exhibitions. It maintains a contemporary poetry library and archive, which is open to the public and located at the Poetry Workshop's centre, the library of the "Ferrarrini" Institute, various collections on local history.
Since 1981, it has published the six-monthly review «Steve», I libri di Steve, a book series related to the review, and the quarterly electronic newsletter «Plurabelle».

Laboratorio di Poesia

Via Fosse, 14

41100 Modena

Tel 059.236680

Fax 059.281591