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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008




Non stop

10.00 - 20.00

Free Your Imagination

Creative Workshop on Marco Cavallo

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In 1973, inside the San Giovanni psychiatric hospital, Trieste, the pooled creative experience of artists, students and patients - and the prophetic vision of Franco Basaglia, Vittorio Basaglia and Giuliano Scabia - produced Marco Cavallo: a large mobile sculpture which soon came to symbolise the fall of asylum walls. And they really did fall: in 1978, as a result of Law 180.  Named after its parliamentary sponsor, the famous Basaglia Law closed so-called lunatic asylums, thereby restoring freedom and dignity to people with a mental disturbance.

Three decades after the law went into effect, a workshop celebrates Marco Cavallo and invites participants in the festivalfilosofia to share the experience of colour and imagination with students, citizens with mental health problems, their families and volunteers. The workshop proposes to paint ten, a hundred, a thousand Marco Cavallos.

The project is the idea of volunteers and beneficiaries of "Insieme a noi" and students at the "A. Venturi" Institute of Art, Modena. The latter have prepared the giant outlines of Marco Cavallo, ready to receive the most imaginative, liberating and creative ideas expressed in paint by those taking part in the festival. 

The workshop will make available brushes, paint, buttons, fabrics and multicoloured cards and will active for the entire day of Saturday 20 September. On Sunday 21 from 2-3 pm, a big parade of all the Marco Cavallos painted will move in procession through the festival's streets.

Co-ordinators: Matteo Cristiani and Carlo Coppelli.

Matteo Cristiani, a psychology graduate, has worked for years with the Association Insieme a noi and works as a tutor at the "A. Venturi" Institute of Art, Modena. 

Carlo Coppelli lectures in Plastic Arts Disciplines at the "A. Venturi" Institute of Art, Modena.  Art-therapist and trainer, he lectures for the University of Modena and Reggio Emilia. 

The voluntary association Insieme a noi was formed in 1994 in Modena on the initiative of a group of families and friends of people with a mental health problem. It offers to all who attend the chance to propose and take part in various creative group activities, promoting socialisation and a way out of solitude and isolation. The Association aims to heighten public awareness of the problem in order to combat the stigma and exclusion that still attach to mental health disorders.

Info: Associazione Insieme a noi, via Albinelli 40, tel. 059 220833, mail: insieme.a.noi@tiscali.it

We would like to thank for its collaboration the "Social Point" project of the Department of Mental Health, devoted to the integration and socialisation of people affected by mental deprivation, in cooperation with third sector associations of the Modena district. For information: socialpoint@volontariamo.it