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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008




Non stop

09.00 - 02.00

Nostalgia for the future

The invention of tomorrow in a century of illustrations
Palazzo Santa Margherita - Museo della Figurina

Producers: Museo della Figurina and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena

Curators: Paola Basile and Maria Giovanna Battistini in collaboration with Riccardo Valla

With The Black Hole: videoinstallations created by the "A. Venturi" Institute of Art

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From the illustrated novels of Grandville, Verne and Robida to Space 1999: the exhibition recalls a century of illustrations dedicated to visions of the future beginning with the futuristic, interplanetary novels of the nineteenth century up to the films for television of the 1970s. The collection highlights the ancestry and birth of the genre which from 1929 was to become known as "science-fiction" or sci-fi.
The exhibition is subdivided into 7 sections - The Moon is near, Daily wonders, Between enchantment and fear, Adventure, The Impossible is already with us, The space between fantasy and reality, Telespace. It takes the visitor chronologically through a variety of representations, underlining the affinities and differences in language, which never ceases to be visionary even when it seeks more direct contact with science in the strict sense. This is what happens in the 1960s, when the Moon loses its romantic appeal and enthusiasm for spaceflight fires our imagination.

Thanks to the video directed by Antonella Battilani (with an original sountrack by Vito Addamo and Walter Martinelli), the public will be able to see the materials also on a maxi-screeen in the exhibition hall, plunging in a magical atmosphere, between the nostalgia for the past and the insight of the future.

Besides its rich collection of illustrations, the exhibition catalogue contains a text, in Italian and English, by Riccardo Valla, sci-fi expert and collector. 

The exhibition includes the videoinstallation The black hole: winged machines and extraordinary journeys, in co-operation with the "A. Venturi" Institute of Art - Course in visual communication, co-ordinated by Antonella Battilani. The public will see a number of pictures coming to life from albums on display: steam-driven fish, imaginary planets, where the heavens plunge into the depths of the sea in a visionary blend of science and fiction.

Museo della Figurina (Figurine Museum), opened in December 2007 on the third floor of Palazzo Santa Margherita, houses the collections donated by Giuseppe Panini to his home town. It contains a significant selection in six separate display racks, six giant-size collection-units that the visitor can leaf through, following the history of the figurina from its forerunners to state-of-the-art production techniques. Each unit, consisting of a cover, two front panels and eight moveable side panels, relates to a chronological progression showing original prints and objects. The entire collection totals some 2.500 pieces, each provided with explanatory notes.
Visitors can thus discover that the figurina was invented in the second half of the 19th century to advertise shops or products; that some of its subjects derive from antique popular prints; that among the most beautiful are those that advertise a meat extract or chocolate; that cigarette packets contained "cigarette cards" with photos of matinée idols or tips for gardeners; that a century ago it was fashionable to personalise menus for a society dinner; that even the paper used to wrap oranges in deserves to "figure" in a museum display; and finally, that these little prints have brought together distant continents in an illustrated encyclopaedia of world knowledge.

Curators: Paola Basile and Maria Giovanna Battistini in collaboration with Riccardo Valla
Producers and organisers: Museo della Figurina and Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena

Vernissage: Friday 19 at 19.00
To mark the opening of the exhibition, the  Figurine Museum will offer a Fantaperitivo, served by the Hotel and Catering School, Serramazzoni.  Fluorescent drinks can be tasted as well as dishes from "the other world", served in a lunar atmosphere created by the  images and visions of the future on display in the exhibition 

The exhibition continues until 8 December 2008 at the following times:
Closed on Mondays
From Tues to Fri 10.30 - 13.00 and 15.00 - 18.00
Sat, Sun and bank holidays 10.30 - 18.00
8 Dec: 10.30 -18.00
Entrance free

For information:
Museo della Figurina, Palazzo Santa Margherita, c.so Canalgrande 103, 41100 Modena
tel: 059 2033090 - fax: 059 2033087

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