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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008



How to get to the festivalfilosofia

By car

To get to Modena city centre you should leave the A1 motorway at Modena nord (those arriving from direction Milan) and Modena sud (those arriving from direction Bologna).

Free parking in Modena city centre: Parcheggio Sigonio (via C. Sigonio), parco Novi Sad and piazza Giovani di Tien An Men. The paying car-parks are: Garage Ferrari (via Trento Trieste, near largo Garibaldi and Teatro Storchi) and the area of the ex-fruit and vegetable market (via C. Menotti). Parking metres are available in largo Sant'Agostino, on the avenues of the city ring and in piazza Roma (in front of the Palazzo Ducale, also indicated on maps as Accademia militare).

For those going to Sassuolo you should leave the A1 at Modena Nord, and then take the fast link to Sassuolo. You can also get on the fast link from the ring road (Tangenziale). Near to the festival venues there is car parking in piazza Martiri Partigiani, piazza Libertà, piazza Risorgimento and the underground car-park Sassuolo 2 (via Cavallotti), partly paying, part free. The station car-parks (railway for Modena and Reggio Emilia) are large and not far from festival venues.

Carpi can be reached direct on the A22, or on the via Nazionale per Carpi, from the ring road (Tangenziale). Near to festival venues parking available in piazzale della Meridiana, viale Carducci and near the railway station.

By plane

The airport nearest to Modena is the "G. Marconi" Intercontinental Airport, Bologna, which is 40 km away. A shuttle service (Aerbus ATCM) links the airport with Modena bus station.

By train

Modena is crossed by the Milan-Bologna railway line. The Modena railway station is in Piazza Dante Alighieri. The train timetable is available on the Italian Railways website.

The trains for Sassuolo and Carpi depart from the State Railway Station in Modena.

The connection between Modena and Carpi (Trenitalia) ensures 24 departures daily, reduced to 11 on Sundays.
Journey time: 15 mins.

The train link between Modena and Sassuolo (FER) ensures 20 departures Fri and Sat. For the festivalfilosofia 5 special departures are scheduled for the Sunday. The train for Sassuolo can also be taken from the Provincial Station, which can be reached by bus no. 3 from largo Garibaldi, direction Dalla Chiesa.
Journey time: Fri to Sat 37 mins, Sun 30 min.
Train timetable

By bus

ATCM, Modena's transport authority, runs a network of lines from the Stazione Autocorriere (v.le Molza).
There are some 20 departures daily to and from Carpi, 3 on Sundays.    
Journey time: 45 mins.

For Sassuolo there are 12 departures daily, 5 on Sundays.  
Journey time: 30 mins.