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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008



festivalfilosofia initiatives are free
Access is denied once the safety limits have been reached

All lecture venues are accessible to the disabled  

All lectures in a foreign (i.e. not Italian) language are provided with an oversound simultaneous translation into Italian

The festivalfilosofia lectures enjoy ministerial accreditation status for in-service training of school teachers, and as such, within the limits of current regulations, are valid for exemption of service. They are also recognised as school credits for students at middle schools. At each venue an attendance register can be signed and certificates obtained.

Festivalfilosofia reserves the right to change the programme in the case of unforeseen circumstances.  Any variation from the published programme, venue or time will be communicated with reasonable haste via the festival web site and the venue information points


Masterly lectures will be relayed direct on giant screens in Piazza Grande and the Chiesa di San Carlo

Foreign-language lectures are transmitted in the original language in the Sala Conferenze, on the ground floor of the Fondazione San Carlo

The little red fantasy train will transport visitors free of charge around the town.
[Sat. 13.00-23.00; Sun. 11.00-19.00]
In co-operation with Modenamoremio - Society for the Promotion of the City Centre

Saturday from midnight to 2 am there will be a free bus service for night-birds connecting the train station with the city centre
In co-operation with aMo - Agency for Mobility Modena

Many shops and bars in the city centre will be open in the evening of Saturday 19 and throughout Sunday 20
In co-operation with Modenamoremio

The big-league bookstands are organised by Bettelli Libri, Libreria Feltrinelli and Libreria San Paolo and feature works by the festival's leading players

Information points

Fondazione Collegio San Carlo
Via San Carlo 5
059 421210

Tourist Information and Assistance Office
Piazza Grande 14
059 2032660

Delfini Library and Galleria Civica
Corso Canalgrande 103
Library 059 2032940
Galleria Civica 059 2032911

Palazzo dei Musei and Chiesa di Sant'Agostino
Piazzale Sant'Agostino
059 2033125

Piazza Mazzini

Piazza Sant'Agostino

Central Station
Piazza Dante


Information points

Town Hall portico
Corso Alberto Pio 91

Piazza Garibaldi

Piazzale Re Astolfo


Information points

Piazzale della Rosa

Station to Modena
Piazzale Stazione 12

Via Battisti, corner via Menotti