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festivalfilosofia sapere;2008



From Friday 19 to Sunday 21 September, Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo propose master-classes, exhibitions, concerts, films, games and philosophical menus

From Friday 19 to Sunday 21 September the eighth edition of the Modena, Carpi and Sassuolo Philosophy Festival takes place (see information on www.festivalfilosofia.it).
This major programme of initiatives will unfold over three days, in 40 locations, in three cities of Emilia, where 200 free events will explore the theme of fantasia (imagination, fancy, fantasy) by means of master-classes, art shows, concerts, theatrical productions, activities for children and menus in keeping with the festival's theme.
The Festival – which last year registered over 130 thousand attendances – is promoted by a consortium of local bodies, by the Foundation of the savings bank Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and by the Foundation San Carlo, the cultural institution in the heart of Modena that organises the programme.
Framed by piazzas, churches and courtyards, the master-classes will address a variety of issues connected with the theme of the imagination, including reflections on social imagination, on the status of the image, on the powers of the imagination, on creativity, on the relationship between fact and fiction. The list of the forty or so masters in modern thought who will be addressing the festival include Jean-Luc Nancy, Marc Augé, Remo Bodei, Stanley Cavell, Marcel Detienne, Georges Didi-Huberman, Terry Eagleton, Isabelle Stengers.
The public lectures will be accompanied by a rich programme of exhibitions, installations, cinema screenings, art performances, recitals, readings and workshops for children. A genuinely popular event with an accent on festivity, the festival also creates close encounters with visiting professors as philosophers take a train between lecture venues and answer questions from fellow travellers. To showcase the area's culinary traditions, restaurants in the three cities will serve philosophical menus designed by Tullio Gregory. And on Saturday 20 September a non-stop programme of events for night-birds will form a philosophical rave party.