Alessandro Bergonzoni
Alessandro Bergonzoni

is an actor, author and performing artist whose work explores the absurd and the nonsensical in an exhilarating form of wordplay that has made him one of the most distinctive voices in Italian theatre. Author of successful radio and television programmes, he also contributes regularly to publications such as "Comix", "Il Corriere della Sera", "Panta". He made his theatrical debut to rave reviews with Non è morto né Flic né Floc (1987), followed by Anghingò (1992), La cucina del frattempo (1994), Zius (1997), Predisporsi al micidiale (1997-2004) and his most recent show Nel (2007). He has written, among other titles, Le balene restino sedute (1989), his first literary success, Opplero. Storia di un salto (Milan 1999) and Non ardo dal desiderio di diventare uomo finché posso essere anche donna bambino animale o cosa (Milan 2005). Silences. Il teatro di Alessandro Bergonzoni, published by Ubulibri (1997), brings together in one volume his collected writings for theatre.




The horde thought and its convulsions

(fantasy collides with Bergonzoni)

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