Hans Belting
Hans Belting is Professor of History of Art and Media Theory at the Hochschule für Gestaltung at the University of Karlsruhe. He has been visiting professor at numerous European and American universities. He has reconstructed the history of images and their cultural significance with the declared intention of going beyond a history of art based on the aesthetics of representation, in order to formulate the historical, theoretical foundations of a critical iconology and anthropology of the image. His main publications translated in Italian are: La fine della storia dell'arte o la libertà dell'arte (Torino 1988); Il culto delle immagini. Storia dell'icona dall'età imperiale al tardo Medioevo (Roma 2001); I tedeschi e la loro arte. Un'eredità difficile (Milano 2005); La vera immagine di Cristo (Torino 2007).



10.00 Media and Bodies
Dante's Shadows and Greenaway's TV
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