Giulio Busi
Giulio Busi is director of the Department of Hebrew Studies at the Freie Universität in Berlin.  An expert on the relationships between Christian and Jewish culture in Italy during the Middle Ages and Renaissance, his research has analysed the historical development, the literary dimensions and the aesthetic implications of the Cabala. Among his publications should be mentioned the Catalogue of the Cabalistic Manuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Community of Mantua. His main publications are: La Qabbalah (Roma-Bari 1998); Simboli del pensiero ebraico (Torino 1999); Catalogue of the Kabbalistic Manuscripts in the Library of the Jewish Community of Mantua (Fiesole 2001); Lontano da Gerusalemme.
Cronache ebraiche contemporanee (Torino 2003); La Qabbalah visiva (Torino 2005); L'enigma dell'ebraico nel Rinascimento (Torino 2007).




The god who draws

Graphics and the secret of the cosmos in the kabbalah
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