Christoph Wulf
Christoph Wulf is Professor of Science of Education and director of the Interdisciplinary Centre for Historical Anthropology at the Freie Universität in Berlin. From the perspective of historical anthropology he has devoted particular attention in his research to the experience of the body and sensibility, in addition to ritual and mimetic forms of representation, highlighting the symbolic and cultural dimension of human experience. He has written recently on the anthropology of cultural diversity.
His main publications are: Einführung in die Anthropologie der Erziehung (Weinheim 2001);
Anthropologie. Geschichte, Kultur, Philosophie (Reinbek 2004); Zur Genese des Sozialen (Bielefeld 2005);
Anthropologie kultureller Vielfalt (Bielefeld 2006). Among his publications translated in Italian: Mimesis. L'arte e i suoi modelli (Milano 1995); Cosmo, corpo, cultura. Enciclopedia antropologica (by, Milano 2002).



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