Marcel Detienne
Marcel Detienne has been Professor of Classical Studies at Johns Hopkins University, Baltimore, a position he took up after teaching for many years at the Ecole Pratique des Hautes Etudes in Paris. A leading expert on myth in ancient Greek civilisation, he has suggested a reading of key features in mythography, applying to the theory of myth approaches acquired in structuralist analysis. More recently he has studied "régimes of historicity" and the construction of national identities between history and imagination. His main publications translated in Italian are: L'invenzione della mitologia (Torino 1983); I maestri di verità nella Grecia arcaica (Roma-Bari 1983); La scrittura di Orfeo (Roma-Bari 1990); Apollo con il coltello in mano (Milano 2002); Essere autoctoni. Come denazionalizzare le storie nazionali (Firenze 2004); Noi e i Greci (Milano 2007).



15.00 The national myth-ideology and its mystery
A comparative approach
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