16.00 e 18.00

Gardens of the Soul

Sense discovery trails for children aged 6 to 9

By: Nicoletta Rinaldi
Advance booking only: from 10 September tel. 328 8236462 (Monday-Friday 16.00-18.30)

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With closed eyes, turning and turning again down silent, scented corridors, you will pick up the invisible presences that move among imaginary fronds: the whispers of talking herbs, secret plant oracles telling you how to prepare potions, infusions and magic recipes, as well as instructing you how to find the charmed object without which the trail cannot continue. Eyes open then and be careful not to lose your way!
The discovery trail, lasting 40 minutes, uses elements of fairytale, rites and myths from traditions all over the world.
You are advised to come "hands free and empty", dressed comfortably and with shoes that are easy to take off and put on.

Designed and conducted by: Nicoletta Rinaldi, with the participation of Lucia Falcone

Nicoletta Rinaldi
Philosophy and education teacher since 1987, she deepened her interest in psychoanalysis and knowledge of role play techniques for group leadership.  At the same time she furthered her expertise in theatre. For two years (1996 and 1997) she worked with Enrique Vargas on research for "Sense Drama", which culminated in the production "Oracles" in the framework of "Le Vie del Festival" promoted by ERT - Emilia Romagna Theatre Foundation.
She has worked for various local cultural bodies: Modena City Council, Memo (in the ambit of the project "School/City itineraries"), with various libraries both in the city and province of Modena. She has conducted drama workshops for secondary school students, sense discovery trails and projects for teachers on story-telling techniques.