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Cuoghi Corsello

SUF - Sono un Filosofo (I am a Philosopher)
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A new sculpture by Cuoghi Corsello celebrates the festivalfilosofia and its powers of imagination.

Made of a special inflatable material, 8 metres wide and lit up inside, the work represents a character invented by Cuoghi Corsello and called SUF, alias SUF-ficiente, who was invented to certify that an acceptable standard had been attained in the difficult task of forming joined-up letters. It has childlike features, writes its name on the city's walls, can extend itself physically at will and can be whatever age it wants. Its name is written in rather contorted letters (like nature) and can mean "Sono Un Folletto" ("I am a sprite" or "I am a vacuum cleaner"). On occasion of the festival filosofia the artists discovered a happy coincidence: SUF can also stand for "Sono Un Filosofo" (I am a Philosopher).

Organisers: Sassuolo City Council and Betta Frigieri Cultural Association

Cuoghi Corsello, Monica Cuoghi (b. Sermide, 1965) and Claudio Corsello (b. Bologna, 1964) became artists through the experience of the graffiti movement, creating images and characters on the walls of Bologna in the late eighties. Millions of commuters will recognise Pea Brain, a long-legged bird that seems to accompany trains arriving at Bologna station.
From 1994 to 2005 the artists occupied abandoned industrial warehouses, creating a studio and museum of their work as well as a forum for animated discussions and creative exchanges. From ‘94 to ‘96 they were in the former warehouse of the Banca Del Monte, by the railway track in Bologna; from 2001 to 2005 they occupied the disused FIAT dealership, a huge area which they redesigned as an open-plan space, with large-scale environmental installations. More recently their site of operations has become the city.

The public will be able to meet the artists: Saturday 20 at 19.00

Associazione Culturale Betta Frigieri
Via Giovanni Muzzioli 8 - 41100 Modena
tel. +39 059 4270673 - mob. +39 3393766367