A Pop Revolution

Elio Fiorucci in conversation with Edmondo Berselli

Biblioteca Loria - Auditorium
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The seventies. In the decade that changed the way Italians lived (and not only), the name Fiorucci was a splash of colour amid the prevailing greyness. His shops all over the world house not only clothes and accessories but also curiosities food drink perfumes entertainment and music music music. A melting pot of creativity, provocative and ironic, the Fiorucci label was synonymous with imagination and the desire to break the rules, preferably at low cost. In a word: a pop revolution.

Edmondo Berselli, writer and columnist for La Repubblica and L'Espresso, and in turn a connoisseur of the period's pop music.

The perfect recipe for something quite out of the ordinary.

In Milan at the end of the sixties, Elio Fiorucci founded a fashion company that became the symbol of non-conformist rebellion and lifestyle revolution. The fresh and innovative pop atmosphere of his stores - which spread all over the world from New York to London, Los Angeles to Paris, created a style based on levity and transgression, ironically provocative, reflecting a new kind of urban and cosmopolitan lifestyle. A long list of leading players accompanied the development of the Fiorucci style: Andy Warhol, Keith Haring, Ettore Sottsass, Andrea Branzi and Madonna. From 1990 on, Fiorucci concentrated mainly on fashion design, creating successful clothing collections T-Art and Love Therapy. In 2004 he was awarded the "Piazza Mercanti" prize by the Milan Chamber of Commerce, and in 2006 he was honoured with the "Ambrogino d'oro" from Milan City Council.

Edmondo Berselli, directs the review «il Mulino», is editorialist for the daily la Repubblica and for the weekly magazine l'Espresso. Commenting on the social, political, economic and cultural trends in the last fifty years of Italian history, he has combined an analysis of various forms of artistic expression (in particular pop music) with a reflection on changes in customs, mentality and ideology. His latest published titles include: Post italiani. Cronache di un paese provvisorio (Milano 2003); Quel gran pezzo dell'Emilia. Terra di comunisti, motori, musica, bel gioco, cucina grassa e italiani di classe (Milano 2004); Il più mancino dei tiri (Milano 2006); Venerati maestri. Operetta immorale sugli intelligenti d'Italia (Milano 2006); Canzoni. Storie dell'Italia leggera (Bologna 2007); Adulti con riserva. Com'era allegra l'Italia prima del '68 (Milano 2007).