The Best Thing For You
Carlo Atti & Emanuele Basentini

Emanuele Basentini (guitar), Carlo Atti (tenor sax), Giuseppe Talone (double bass),Pietro Lussu (piano), Marco Valeri (drums)

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A concert for lovers of vibrant and high-impact jazz. An outstanding example of quality, modern mainstream jazz based on a repertoire of well-known standard classics that give the performers a chance to demonstrate their energy and powers of improvisation.

Born in Potenza in 1971, Emanuele Basentini discontinued his conservatory studies in order to devote himself full time to the language of jazz. This decision later allowed him to play in the distinguished company of Massimo Urbani, Franco D'Andrea, Steve Grossman, Daniel Humair, Tony Scott and many others. In 1997 he was awarded the "Massimo Urbani" National Jazz Prize. His work with the Renzo Arbore Orchestra led to numerous television appearances.

Carlo Atti, tenor sax, born in Molinella di Bologna in 1968, was taught by Giorgio Baiocco, and was soon to devote himself to jazz. He has taken part in leading Italian festivals and has played with, among others, Massimo Urbani, Larry Nocella, Sal Nistico, Steve Grossman. Remarkably fluent in improvisation, he plays a genre of jazz which is dense with swing and pathos and striking in its freshness.

Il Baluardo della Cittadella
The "Bulwark" is the only surviving part of the walled citadel that was built for military purposes in the first half of the XVII century by Duke Francesco the First. It was restored to its ancient glory following years of research and conservation work. Since it was opened in December 2005 it has housed local cultural events of all kinds, among which should be mentioned the series of prestige jazz concerts and book presentations. There is a restaurant on the first floor that proudly offers a selection of classic dishes from the local culinary tradition.

Il Baluardo della Cittadella
Piazza Giovani di Tien An Men, 5
41100 Modena
059 244309