21.00 e 23.00

The stuff on which dreams are made

Role games

By: Club TreEmme and Flying Circus

Only for players of 18 years and over

Advance booking only: from 10 September tel. 059 230246 and 333 1299306 (09.00 - 11.00)

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What does the disappearance of a modern-day researcher have to do with the publication in 1745 of Ludovico Antonio Muratori's tract "On the force of human imagination"? Why, in the middle of the night, does Piazza della Pomposa in Modena become the scene of events which are apparently unconnected? How do you explain that different people are troubled by the same dream?

You will be the ones to answer these role-game questions live when you play "The stuff on which dreams are made". Put yourself in the shoes of historic personages, interact with other players and characters in the crowd. Try to unravel the mystery or be part of it. 

The game will last 90 minutes and is open to those of 18 or above. 

Up to 30 players can take part in each game.

Club TreEmme

For 27 years Club TreEmme has been synonymous with play, fun, making friends and using your leisure time to relax and enjoy yourself.

In Modena, via Paltrinieri 80, and all over Italy at the centres of Affiliated Associations, you can enter a world of fantasy through role and story games. Relive historic re-enactments in 3-D and in miniature; test your skills in simulations; take part in challenges and tournaments with collector cards; or simply relax with one of over a hundred different board games owned by the Club. 

Come and visit us at our centre ( or take part from 26 to 27 September in "PLAY 2008", where you will find games of every description ( and

Flying Circus is a community of game-actors and game-authors coming from all over Italy. They have subscribed to a manifesto for the diffusion of the narration and interpretation game, and they aim at testing it as a way of meeting people and telling stories.