24.00 - 02.00
PSP - Performative stimulation of the people
Curators: Gruppo Korova
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An evening of creative improvisation to kick-start the snoozing regulars at the Temple bar.

Human dummies indistinguishable from the real guests will be hung upside down from the ceiling where they will turn reality on its head and provide a due sense of dizziness (ViceVerso). A bin full of cameras (use it and put it back where you found it) will be available to those who wish to capture and frame the night's wacky events: the best shots will be exhibited in a show during the days that follow (Poli-roid). The sound track is guaranteed: a DJ will provide music throughout the evening interrupted from time to time by brief announcements and improvised drama, guitar and dance performances (ImprovvisaMente). Want to join in? The Casa nel Parco has a small theatre where a professional drama coach will give free, instant acting lessons. Maybe a theatre piece will come to life (Go ahead while I laugh!) And if you find it stuffy, step outside: on the side of the barn a medley of fantasy films will be shown chosen just for you (PANtasy).

Matteo Litta: dj Cecc

Francesca Ferri and Manuela Avidano: ballerinas

Andrea Lazzarini: guitarist