It's A Weird (And Wonderful) World

Dj-set by Giancarlo Frigieri

Piazzale Re Astolfo - Cookies Kitchen & Bar
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The Dj Set of the 20 September will feature traditional music from all over the world. The lion's share will come from Africa with its myriad musical styles. From the traditional sounds of the Mandé Empire, through the Sahara of the Touareg, via the frenzied rhythms of AfroBeat and Ghanean Funk to Ethio Jazz, and then to the evocative atmosphere of Zimbabwean Chimurenga and the romantic songs of Mozambique. We will head for Asia via Northern Africa, where lilting Arab cadences will prepare the way for the spirituality of Indian ragas, Pakistani Qawaali and Siberian throat singing. South America, Oceania and even the Old World of Europe will also have their moments. All of which will help us understand that the first step towards becoming equal is to understand that we are all basically different.

Giancarlo Frigieri appeared with Julie's Haircut and Joe Leaman, two of Italy's leading independent outfits, before launching a solo career that has recently led him to record a 45 rpm with Chris Eckman of the Walkabouts and to appearing in gigs all over Italy with international artists such as Califone, Giant Sand, J Mascis, Nick Castro & The Young Elders, Katamine and others. As a Dj he was active for 16 years at the legendary Antenna Uno Rock Station, where he presented "One World (Not three)", the only programme from an Italian station devoted to World Music. With Lara Mammi, he has recently launched the "FM Project" at the Calamita in Cavriago.