Borko live & visuals

Iceland /Sound Architectures

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The sounds of Borko come from Iceland, and there is something both glacial and exotic about this music, which manages to steer clear of stereotype. A perfect blend of chilled electronics, melodic pop and intimacy, Borko creates sound sculptures which call to mind the land of elves we have come to recognise in the music of their more famous cousins (from Björk to Sigur Rós, via the Múm). "Celebrating Life", their new album that was released a few months ago on the German label Morr Music, confirms the geographical trend that locates the epicentre of European music ever more northwards. "Continental Love", one of their more representative pieces, balances on a knife edge between ancient and modern, legend and prophecy: the electronic part is interwoven with dreamy guitar arpeggios and what emerges is a musical landscape for minds in movement.
"Shoo Ba Ba" is the sound of the geyser, the keyboards crumble under the relentless beat of the drum machines. The harmonious opening sections do the rest, revealing in the delicacy of their spun textures a subtle symphonic vein, held together by a prevailing mood of fairytale.

Electronic music project created by Björn Kristiansson, Icelandic instrumentalist and teacher, who has composed numerous soundtracks for cinema and the theatre. His debut extended play, "trees and limbo", appeared in 2001 on the Resonant label. After six years of work, Morr Music released his album "Celebrating Life".