21.00 - 24.00

Ghost nocturne with guests

Theatrical performance/Installations

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Direction: Gaia Davolio
Scripted by: Elisa Lolli, Gaia Davolio, Maria Giulia Campioli
From an idea of: Manuela Rossi

As darkness falls, Palazzo dei Pio comes alive with presences: the ghosts of real and imaginary people emerge from its historic walls, from its most hidden recesses, to tell us about their lives and to question us about the present. A present which they have not been given to know.   
A sign-posted itinerary will lead visitors around the Palace, allowing them to run into the ghosts of the illustrious and less so: Alberto Pio, his secretary, a host of other characters (a World War Two evacuee, an internee...), but also the ghost of the "mannequin".  Naturally, the most celebrated of all museum ghosts will also be with us for the occasion, on temporary loan to the festivalfilosofia from the Louvre in Paris, where he stalks unquiet the among the paintings: Belfagor. They all have a closely guarded bump into the Palace's most famous phantasm...the White Lady.

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