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09.00 - 02.00

Paolo Icaro

Faredisfarerifarevedere (Doundoredosee)  

Producers: Provincia di Modena
Curator: Mario Bertoni
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Between planning and chance. The nucleus of Paolo Icaro's poetics is projectuality, that is to say his work is the constant unfolding of the process necessary to realise it. The idea urges towards the materials used - phantasms as rigorous as they are inexact - impose their own reasons (in terms of handcrafting, consistency, malleability, resistance) just as chance also imposes them, chance artfully courted to this end. The artist presents an installation created for the Church of San Paolo which outlines the stages that lead from planning to execution of the work, from thought to the "revelation" of the phenomenon.

The title  "faredisfarerifarevedere" (doundoredosee) highlights the stages in this process. 

Paolo Icaro Chissotti was born in Turin in 1936. He began attending Umberto Mastroianni's studio in 1958 and took up the practice of sculpture. He then moved to Rome and, in 1965, to New York, where he created a series of Cages (1967) and Chains (1967-68) whose rigid, geometrical structures reflect the climate of conceptual and minimal art which pervaded American culture at the time.  In sympathy with the poetics of Poor Art, Icaro began to create environmental works that involve the public. Towards the late '70s, before returning to Italy (residence in Milan and studio in Maggianico, near Lecco), he moved towards chalk, which, alone or in combination with stone, glass, wood, lead, paper and modelled into organic shapes, natural, soft, pure and baroque, becomes his material par excellence, capable of restoring tension and energy to the volumes. He currently lives and works in Pesaro.

Vernissage: Friday 19 at 17.30

The exhibition continues until 12 October 2008 at the following times:

From Tues to Fri 16.30 - 19.30

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Sunday 12 October at 18.00

Mario Bertoni will talk with the artist Paolo Icaro

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