22.30 e 24.00

Il lancio del nano (Throwing the dwarf)

Philosophy on stage

Based on a text by Armando Massarenti

By: Associazione Culturale Mimesis

Advance booking only: from 10 September tel. 3404072508 and 3202344724 (09.00 - 13.00)
23.30: Armando Massarenti will meet the public

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This event is a production of Il lancio del nano e altri esercizi di filosofia minima (Throwing the dwarf and other exercises in minimal philosophy) by Armando Massarenti, which follows the ground rules of Digital Story Telling and Narrative Art. Actors, video and computers will guide the participants in an itinerary which is both physical (up the stairs, through the corridors of the Palazzo dei Musei) and conceptual, formed of leaps from one meaning to another and full of decisions and dividing of the ways. Where the ways divide, participants must choose which group of actors to follow, in other words which truth to abandon, thus becoming aware that the truth does not coincide with the whole truth.



Armando Massarenti is science and philosophy editor for the Sunday supplement of Il Sole 24 Ore. Lecturer in numerous Italian Universities and member of the Einaudi Foundation Watchdog Committee on Bio-ethics, he has written on philosophy of science and moral philosophy with particular reference to issues in bio-ethics. He has edited the Italian language editions of works by J. Dewey, D. Friedman and A. Sen. Among his published volumes: L'etica da applicare (et al., Milano 1991); Nichilismo, relativismo, verità (a cura di, Soveria Mannelli 2001); Biblioetica. Dizionario per l'uso (a cura di, Torino 2006); Il lancio del nano e altri esercizi di filosofia minima (Parma 2006).

Mimesis is a cultural association that promotes readings/productions and theatre training courses for schools, museums, public libraries, research centres and hospitals. Mimesis projects aim to break down the barriers created by specialist disciplines by creating vehicles for divulging knowledge, connecting theatre with literature, philosophy and science. 

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