Female love fantasies

Readings and images from poetry to mysticism

With visual art works by: Giovanna Gentilini, Silvia Guberti, Nicoletta Moncalieri

By: Gruppo Donne di Poesia

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Almost as if it were a precious and pliant material, the female imagination explores love in its various forms, as many as are necessary for self-revelation and constructing a relationship with others, with the world and with God. Many woman writers, mystics, poetesses and artists have testified to this multiform and overpowering experience.
The performance presents texts by Hadewijch from Antwerp, Margherita Porete, Mathilde von Magdeburg, Angela da Foligno, Theresa d'Avila, Maria Maddalena de' Pazzi, Maria Zambrano; Ingeborg Bachmann, Emily Dickinson, Etty Hillesum, Clarice Lispector, Wislawa Szymborska in discreet counterpoint with poetry by Vilde Mailli, Milena Nicolini, Mara Paltrinieri, Maria Chiara Papazzoni, Rossana Roberti, Lisabetta Serra and refracted in the visual art of Giovanna Gentilini, Silvia Guberti, Nicoletta Moncalieri

Gruppo Donne di Poesia

In line with leading international voices in women's culture, Donne di Poesia have decided to combine their enthusiasm for the aesthetic quality of writing and visual art in a venture that reaffirms the philosophical and ethical dimension involved in being a woman. The Group was set up in Modena in 1987. It has organized: public meetings with woman poets, critics and linguists; poetry and prose readings; performances and exhibitions; creative writing workshops; lecture series. It took part in the Poesiafestival '06 and ‘07 run by the Unione Terre di Castelli.
Group members include: Maria Luisa Bompani, Vilde Mailli, Milena Nicolini,  Mara Paltrinieri,  Maria Chiara Papazzoni, Rossana Roberti, Lisabetta Serra, Giovanna Gentilini, Silvia Guberti, Nicoletta Moncalieri

Vilde Mailli has published Chincaglierie, Castelfranco E., 2008.

Milena Nicolini has published several collections of poetry including I miei stanno bene, grazie, Castelfranco Emilia 2007. She is active in the field of dramatic art.

Mara Paltrinieri has published Alla presenza, Modena 2006. She has a special interest in female mysticism and gender issues.

Maria Chiara Papazzoni has published Requiem per la mia ombra, Castelfranco Emilia 2006. She has a special interest in contemporary German literature.

Rossana Roberti has published several collections of poetry from Tempodamore, Modena 1968 to La misura e l'uvetta, Udine 2007, for which she was awarded the Dars Prize. Her area of interest and research is language and gender issues.

Lisabetta Serra made her public debut with Poesie, Modena 1983 and her latest volume is Ritorni, Bergamo 2005. She was one of the founder editors of the contemporary poetry review "Gli immediati dintorni", Mucchi, Modena, 1988-1996. Among other awards her poetry has received the Haiku Prize from the Japanese Institute of Culture in Rome.

Giovanna Gentilini
Her language is watercolour painting, on paper and on canvas, with a particular interest in the body and flowers, archetypal symbols of femininity. In her "artist's books" she has also made use of photography.
Her work has appeared at the Venice Biennale (1995), at the "Luigi Poletti" Civic Art Library in Modena (2004) and at Villa Giustinian Morosini in Venice (2007).

Silvia Guberti
Void dwelling (Dimora del vuoto) is the title of the installation that Silvia Guberti has created in dialogue with the poetry of Emily Dickinson: a lotus flower, interwoven with an ornamental scroll and leaves-
containers sculpted to suggest the harmony evoked by a Zen garden. Following her first show at the Sala di cultura, Modena (1972), Silvia Guberti exhibited her work at the Palazzo dei Diamanti in Ferrara (1975), the Modern Art Museum, Vienna (1985), Casa Malaparte, Capri (1992), the Palazzina dei Giardini, Modena (1998) and, more recently, at galleries in Munich, Milan, Reggio Emilia (2006) and at the Caste in Formigine (2007).

Nicoletta Moncalieri
Expresses herself in collages of various materials - found paper, fragments of writing, icons, chalks, inks - which allude to the past, to suspended time, to play. She has had shows at Casa del Giorgione, Castelfranco Veneto (1997), at the Civic Museums in Reggio Emilia (2000) and Modena (2003), at the Ducal Palace in Pavullo (2005), at the Poetry Festival dell'Unione Terre di Castelli (2007).