Compagnia Abbondanza/Bertoni

Dance theatre production
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Starring: Matteo Reza Azchirvani, Eleonora Chiocchini, Diego Invernizzi, Lorenzo Lutteri, Chiara
Michelini,Tommaso Monza, Antonella Bertoni, Michele Abbondanza
Sound: Mauro Casappa
Set and lighting design: Lucio Diana
Costume: realized in collaboration with Rizzi Sartoria
Technical director and lighting: Andrea Gentili/Alberta Finocchiaro

Polis is the final part of the trilogy Ho male all'altro, begun in 2000 and based on the theme of sacrifice for love.  While the first two parts, which focus on the figures of Alceste and Medea, drew inspiration from myth, Polis presents a modern-day adaptation. In the centre of the bare stage there is a wooden hut, and as the lights come up we gradually see human beings moving tentatively towards us, making their way through the darkness, desperate and overbearing, unable to communicate and live with others.
Through direct intervention of Michele Abbondanza, the figures will be helped to find more harmonious movements, more consonant forms, happier dispositions: they will return to being naked individuals able to adapt to an elemental community life. Throughout its 80 minutes duration, Polis will be danced to music by Albinoni, Chopin and Verdi and will be interspersed with texts by Carlo Michelstaedter.

La Abbondanza/Bertoni Dance Company was formed in Paris in 1988 from a meeting between Michele Abbondanza and Antonella Bertoni.
Michele Abbondanza was trained in New York, a pupil of Alwin Nikolais and Merce Cunningham, and returned to Italy to join the Theatre and Dance Company at La Fenice in Venice.  He later taught dance at the Accademia Antoniana of Dramatic Art in Bologna and since 1997 has lectured in dance at the School of the Piccolo Teatro in Milano. Over the last twenty years he and Antonella Bertoni, who was trained at dance schools in Rome and Paris, have appeared in various Italian theatre and television productions, as well as in Bernardo Bertolucci's film Io Ballo da Sola. Their first solo, Try, was premiered in 2006 at the Crt-Arts Theatre in Milan.

For information:
Abbondanza/Bertoni Dance Company
Teatro alla Cartiera
Via Cartiera, 15 - 38068 Rovereto(TN) - Italia
Tel. 0464 439157 / Fax 0464 400029