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The a room

Scientific simulation for children aged 6 to 11 years

By: Cooperativa Ammonite
Advance booking only: from 1st September tel. 0536 1844801 (Monday/Saturday 10.00 - 13.00; Thursday 10.00 - 17.00)
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A virtual underwater dive inside an inflatable, hemispheric dome five meters in diameter.  By means of a projected film, the dome gives the spectator the illusion of being underwater, opening a window on the ocean depths.
The voice of a narrator will escort the courageous deep-sea divers among rocks, seaweed, marine organisms and animals, whose living habits will be explained, like the lives of underwater adventurers. They will hear how sea creatures have adapted to the environment, learning about the various survival strategies that species have adopted in order to survive among the blue depths, the choral reef, the sandy sea bottom. But...they will also hear how the delicate balance of the ecosystem is threatened by the appearance of plastic bags.
The "dive" lasts 40 minutes; the dome can accommodate 22 peoples at a time. 

The Cooperativa Ammonite was founded by Elena Falbo (biologist) and Elisa Schiavon (naturalist) with the objective of promoting a greater knowledge of science and nature. Using innovative, entertaining and interactive teaching methods, it designs and implements teaching packages which include guided visits, workshops, exhibitions, excursions, nature trails and other learning-by-doing experiences. These activities place mainly children and young people in direct contact with the natural environment, seeking to spread an awareness of science and respect for nature's resources. 

For information:
Dott.ssa Elena Falbo
Cell. 333 3352478
Dott.ssa Elisa Schiavon
Cell. 348 2446538